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..Where the elegance of marble meet prestigious designs.


The natural beauty and lasting qualities of marble stone make it the only choice for the discerning connoisseur. Marble Floors have always been the choice for classic structures since time immemorial. Fine Art Marble Floors has the privilege to introduce the elegant techniques of utilizing elaborate designs in marble, granite, onyx, and semi-precious stones. Our marble floors and wall murals grace palaces, villas, hotels, and landmarks in North America, Europe, The GCC, Asia, and throughout the world. Fine Art Marble Floors has set the standard of perfection in the marble floor and water-jet industry.


We create and hand-assemble all our products at our manufacturing facility using the finest stone the world has to offer. This is where we combine the creativity of our artists, the cutting edge technology of water-jet, and traditional creative craftsmanship. The attention to minute details and the generous use of expensive radiant marble, illuminating pellucid Onyx or highly valued semi-precious stone that allow the observer to recognize it as a Fine Art Marble Floor. You will have a true Fine Art creation, the result of intuitive creative design and manufacturing. Giving you the valued creative edge over all others.


All of our designs feature the classic design ratios, which are all present within sacred geometry. We maintain close links with an all-important marble design history, while improving our new designs with care and creativity. It is sure to stand the test of time. Using our cutting-edge technology for Luxury residential or commercial construction, your project will lead all others by creating unparalleled beauty heretofore unseen in marble floors, marble wall murals, and marble borders. Our innovative collections and custom creations are the missing element to elevate your project to a prestigious level.


A luxury appointment lives through the pleasure it gives the owner. Enjoy a tour through our Fine Art Marble Floors collection and envision us polishing the finishing touch on your project.

Fine Art Marble Floors creates luxury custom marble flooring, including marble and granite floor medallions.

You can view many of our stunning marble floor designs on this site.

Marble is a gorgeous stone that never loses its luster and can last for hundreds of years. This makes it the only choice for discerning homeowners and business proprietors. Since the beginning of time, people have been choosing marble flooring for buildings of importance. At Fine Art Marble Floors, we work with clients who are interested in ordering luxury custom marble flooring for their residences or for their places of business. Our stunning marble floor designs can be seen in structures all over the world. The artisans we have on-staff are truly the best in the industry. Marble and granite floor medallions are among our specialties, but we can create almost any flooring design your heart desires. Contact us today to tell us more about the project you have in mind.