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We are very happy to welcome you to our family run business. My son Michael and I started our company in America in the spring of 2009. We we’re inspired with a vision of possibilities that we could bring fresh and innovative style, fabricated with stone from quarries in Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, India, the United States and South America.

Over the last nine years we have been fortunate to have established strong relationships with many quarries. This has enabled us to receive very favorable pricing. We pass these significant savings directly to you our client. For residential projects our quotes to you will be 15% to 20% lower than all competitors.

In our nine years of business, 100% of our projects have been delivered mistake free. We take great pride in this fact knowing we have accomplished the impossible for you.

Ms Perla Lichi

The highly acclaimed International Interior designer of 106 palaces. After inspecting the Princesses Palace in Abu Dhabi said “Michael’s floors are truly works of Art. Absolutely Beautiful! Everything else are just plain floors.”

We will put the same careful attention to every detail of your project. Whether a single medallion, a Villa, an entire Palace or a commercial project. This is our promise to you.

Contact us today to enjoy your Royal Floors tomorrow.



Emerald is our co-founder, as well as the heart and soul of Fine Art Marble Floors. He has a very engaging personality. One that will immediately make you feel very relaxed and confident that you are in the right hands. Emerald personally oversees our most important projects. Whether he is collaborating on a bespoke design for a Landmark property or addressing the special requirements for a "dream of a lifetime" Palace. He attends to every detail. Right down to choosing the perfect shade of the your preferred stone and how to place the veining for the best effect. We love Emerald and you will too.


Michael is our other co-founder of Fine Art Marble floors. He is our go to man on everything in our business. From Client development, marketing and follow through, to installation and thank you's. Whatever needs to get done Michael will see to it that it does. After meeting Michael, you will walk away with the strong sense that you have met a special man.


Olivia is The Creative Director of Fine Art Marble Floors Ltd. She has built a jaw-dropping body of work with over 1,000 projects on five of the seven continents in the world. She handles all of our most important undertakings. Of course Olivia has incredibly beautiful bespoke designs for Hotels, exquisite Palaces, Mansions and just about every type property you can imagine. You will feel very excited knowing Olivia and her staff are on your project creating designs that will last for many generations to come.


Brett Baker is our Director of Communications. Brett is responsible for integrating our company with social media as well creating awareness in the tens of thousands of upper eschelon Architects and Interior Designers.


Our partner in Dubai for our divine walls and ceilings that you will discover on our website. With a dozen years of experience of some very high profile projects in the GCC. As well as having worked with Mahi for the past 5 years we are very pleased to have Mahi as our partner in the GCC.


Elliot is our on call Advisor and Contributor when we require the special ITALIAN DESIGN influence. He is an invaluable friend and member of our close knit company.

  • Former Project Architect at BYrock Solutions
  • Former Architect & interior Designer at We Network
  • Former Architect/Project Manager at AZZURRA ARCHITECTS .LLC
  • Studied at Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze
  • Studied at Università degli Studi di Firenze

“Fine Art Marble Floors are truly works of Art. Everything else is just plain flooring.
Everything is Perfect, absolutely amazing!”

– Ms. Perla Lichi, International designer of 106 palaces.

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